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It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to chilli source which has been built with an absolute burning passion for the fiery flavours. Here at chilli source we are the proprietors of the world's finest fiery products.

We invite everyone from the bravest chilli lovers, to the mischievous present givers, to the downright curious to browse our chilli wares. We sell an amazing array of hot chilli sauces, dips, marinades, books and seeds selected by a chillihead for chilliheads! Use chilli source to find that perfect chilli related gift, everything here is chilli-tastic whether it's hot or not!

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Chilli News

  • Experts say that spicy peppers are the hottest health kick for 2017 and can make you look hot too
  • 17th January 2017
  • “The good thing with chilli is the chemical helps you release endorphins — it makes you feel good.” 1.5m: Scoville units for world’s hottest pepper – the Carolina reaper But it’s still possible to overdose on spice. Andrew Lee, 33, of ...
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  • Two Chicks Film Themselves Eating A Carolina Reaper Pepper. It Doesn’t Go Well For Them.
  • 14th January 2017
  • I wouldn’t advise anyone to eat anything with the words reaper and pepper in its name. These girls found out why the hard way. The Carolina Reaper has been certified as the world’s hottest chili pepper by Guinness World Records since August 7, ...
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  • Fredericksburg Boy Scout leader eats 23 ghost peppers to raise money for troop
  • 07th January 2017
  • FREDERICKSBURG - A Fredericksburg Boy Scout troop Assistant Scoutmaster consumed 23 of the world's hottest chili peppers in a YouTube video as part of an effort to raise money for his troop. The Bhut jolokia, or ghost pepper, was certified by the Guinness ...
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