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The Number One Source For Hot Chilli Sauces & Chilli Products

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to chilli source which has been built with an absolute burning passion for the fiery flavours. Here at chilli source we are the proprietors of the world's finest fiery products. Launched in October 2011, chillisource.co.uk is here to help you find the hottest chilli related deals loving fulfilled by Amazon.

We invite everyone from the bravest chilli lovers, to the mischievous present givers, to the downright curious to browse our chilli wares. Our chilli products are harmless, unless of course, that's what you are looking for. We sell an amazing array of hot chilli sauces, dips, marinades, books and seeds selected by a chillihead for chilliheads! Use chilli source to find that perfect chilli related gift, everything here is chilli-tastic whether it's hot or not!

Whether you're a seasoned chilli head or a nervous taster we are sure stock something that will blow your mind, set your taste buds on fire and banish the bland from your life.

For those weary of the heat or more sensitive then we also have plenty of condiments, cooking ingredients and marinades which are packed with flavour but have a milder heat.

For the milder chilliheads we have a vast array of sauces and wonderful products which will inspire your cooking or add some heat to your side dishes.

For the very adventurous chillihead who craves a chilli inspired dopamine hit then we have sauces from the belly of hell itself which make you wonder if you just beckoned a police pepper spray into your life fired by the devil himself. We have a selection of the hottest products known to man, be careful though and make sure you know what serious heat you are getting into.

For the downright chilliphopics then there is not much for you h I’m afraid, but everyone knows a chillihead and I suspect there will be some great present ideas here for that person in your life who isn’t afraid of their chilli side who reaches for the sauce bottle every meal time at your dismay. Think of them before you give them socks again!

How hot is too hot? Chilli heat is measured by the scoville scale which is a measurement of the pungency of chilli peppers such as the jalapeño, the bhut jolokia, and the world's current hottest pepper, the carolina reaper or other spicy foods as reported in Scoville heat units (SHU). Read more about the Scoville scale.

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