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Psycho Juice Gift Box 70 Percent Collection 1

Psycho Juice Gift Box 70 Percent Collection 1

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  • £13.95

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    Product Details

  • Product code: 5060240060092
  • Brand: Psycho Juice
  • Manufacturer: Dr. Burnorium
  • Binding: Grocery
  • Package Qty: 1
  • Weight: 2.05 (pounds)


  • The ultimate chillihead gift. Three bottles of incredible Psycho Juice hot sauce.
  • Gift pack contains Psycho Juice 70% Ghost Pepper/Psycho Juice 70% Red Savina/Psycho Juice 70% Habanero
  • Fully printed die-cut gift box with great graphics
  • Serious hot sauce for serious chilliheads


A collection of three Psycho Juice hot sauces in a fantastic full colour, die-cut gift box. With outstanding flavour and killer heat, Psycho Juice is the absolute epitome of quality hot sauce. Created by serious chilliheads, especially for serious chilliheads. Hallowed Be Thy Pain.

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